We are committed to providing the highest level of professional support and services to our boxers.

Contract Negotiations

One of our primary goals at Split-T is to attain maximum value for our clients. Our network of boxing insiders have a deep understanding of the market and negotiate both long-term and bout-to-bout agreements accordingly. We will always make sure you get the best possible deal.

Public & Media Relations

Public and media relations are of vital importance to the long-term, sustainable success of our fighters. We strategize with both our clients and business partners (networks, promotional entities, etc.) to create the most effective media plans to raise awareness and build lasting momentum for our clients’ individual brands.

Training Guidance

Split-T has both the expertise and network to ensure that our fighters are in the right training environments to reach their full potential. We have access to the best training opportunities in the sport and are committed to working hand-in-hand with coaches to bring the best out of our fighters.

Nutrition Assistance

Split-T partners with the top nutritionists in the business to provide comprehensive nutrition plans, meal prep, and general diet/nutrition/healthy weight cutting advice to our athletes.


Split-T works with all of it’s clients to develop their own unique, individual brand – creating more revenue streams for the athlete via sponsorships, promotions and various other opportunities. From the beginning we work to enhance the market value of each boxer both in-and-out of the ring. 

Community Relations

We encourage our clients to participate in charitable and social activities, particularly in their hometowns and surrounding communities. Sports, and boxing in general, are a powerful tool that can benefit people in need. Split-T will help you positively impact the lives of those in need – and we will become better collectively because of it.